Strategy Story about WeDoIT

Our company is a leading provider that helps large companies and enterprises successfully manage the digital transformation. With our innovative Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution and products, we secure their complex and diverse infrastructure to the highest security standards.
Our highly qualified team consists of cryptography specialists and engineers with extensive experience in various industries such as banking, military, healthcare, telecommunications and ministries. From initial consulting and analysis to seamless implementation and integration of the most complex security solutions, we support our customers on their way to a future-proof digital architecture .
Our core services include the provision of PKI security solutions as well as PKI smart cards, which, in combination with our sophisticated card management system and a digital certificate management system, enable secure and efficient management of our customers’ entire complex infrastructure.
Our success is based on many years of expertise and experience. We have made it our business to accompany our customers on their way from physical PKI smart cards to virtual and secure smart cards. In doing so, we always place the highest value on using post- quantum cryptographic algorithms to protect our customers’ infrastructure from the challenges of quantum computing for decades to come.
Our goal is to help organizations take full advantage of digitization while ensuring the security and integrity of their sensitive data and systems. We are proud to make a significant contribution to our customers’ digital future and help them master the ever-increasing cybersecurity requirements.

We are committed to delivering exceptional results and helping your business thrive in the ever-changing business landscape. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and exceeding customer expectations.


We enhance world-leading technologies with our professional services, thereby amplifying their value for our customers.

Digital Identity Solutions

We integrate and provide a scalable management solution for maximum security of your digital certificates within a fully automated complex infrastructure.

PKI Security

We provide for any digital/physical access requirement along with the card managment system the right products combining PKI & RFID/FIDO as well as tokens & virtual smart cards.


We offer Over-The-Air, Device Management and Remote SIM provisiong solutions for telecom operators around the globe.

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Put Your Cybersecurity on Autopilot

Cynet enables any organization to put its cybersecurity on autopilot, streamlining and automating their entire security operations while providing enhanced levels of visibility and protection, regardless of the security team’s size, skill or resources and without the need for a multi-product security stack.


It does so by natively consolidating the essential security technologies needed to provide organizations with comprehensive threat protection into a single, easy-to-use XDR platform; automating the manual process of investigation and remediation across the environment; and providing a 24-7 proactive MDR service – monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response and threat hunting – at no additional cost.