Cloud SIM OTA Platform

SIM - Over the Air Platform as a Service

WeDoIT provides a comprehensive OTA solution that encompasses a cloud OTA platform, value-added services for SIM file and applet management, along with integration and support services.

Unlock the potential of your Over-The-Air capabilities to boost user revenue and enhance the quality of their experience, all while minimizing subscriber churn. Achieve this with efficient and rapid deployment of OTA Value-Added Service (VAS) solutions that offer swift returns, without the burdens of high capital expenditure, intricate processes, or proprietary challenges that often burden telecommunications companies. providers gain access to a broad array of over-the-air capabilities that allow them to enhance revenue, address evolving user needs, enhance quality of service (QoS), and reduce subscriber churn, all while accommodating various budget constraints.

Manage files and applets on SIM cards over the air

Network Operators and MVNOs need to manage the whole SIM card process. OTA platform enables to launch new SIM services or control activation of new accounts, management of various upgrades, roaming updates, and SIM card cancellation or swap.


Scalability is meant to ensure high availability and provide fall over capability. It allows for scaling horizontally as demand increases and offloading functionality to different application servers. We launch multiple instances running the same application logic communicating to the same database endpoint. Scalability is also achieved by determining bottlenecks in the application logic and distributing the logic to a separate instance


The reliability of the solution is achieved by database replication and regular back-ups. Moreover the solution has been designed to make sure that errors are always resolved in the database with the web application. The client is always recoverable as operations always ensure atomicity. As a result, the clients are guaranteed they will never experience long standing issues.


We optionally provide self-signed certificates, which naturally cause browser warnings but are also adequately secure as the purpose of the TLS is to encipher the transmission channel.

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