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Building Confidence in Your Cyber Resilience. The continuous evolution of cybersecurity is a cornerstone of an organization’s digital success.
At WEDOIT, we are dedicated to enhancing the cyber resilience of organizations, irrespective of their size, against present and future cybersecurity risks. We establish trust through excellence across all facets – from relationships with partners, clients, and employees to daily operations, development, implementation, and support of our solutions and services.
Why We Make an Ideal Partner
At WEDOIT, we collaborate with cybersecurity providers and end-users in Central and Southeastern Europe. We enhance world-leading technologies
with our professional services, thereby amplifying their value for users. As partners of regional and global solution and service providers, we transfer
the knowledge of tried-and-true technologies, best practices, and successful use cases. We are devoted to aiding your progress in managing cybersecurity risks and ensuring business continuity.
A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Offering
WEDOIT challenges conventional approaches to cybersecurity by going above and beyond expectations. This is why we provide a comprehensive portfolio of cyber protection for businesses across various sectors, ranging from standard technologies to fully customized solutions. In doing so, we actively support businesses in their digital transformation and innovation.

Cybersecurity Services

We've Got You Covered - No Matter Your Cybersecurity Needs

Our XDR-based platform empowers clients to seamlessly integrate and automate existing security and IT tools or utilize our ready-made security stack to enhance your cyber defence immediately. We provide comprehensive protection, from safeguarding against ransomware attacks to enabling swift and automated remediation as a managed security service provider (MSSP)/SOC as a Service (SOCaaS):

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