Security Awareness

The Security Upgrade for Your Team

Our Security Academy offers companies of all sizes state-of-the-art training and comprehensive knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. On our interactive platform, employees learn in engaging online courses how to protect themselves and their companies from attacks in the digital realm. Accessible from anywhere, diverse, and easy to integrate.

Security Awareness Trainings

So that it's not just the IT department interested in security

Whether it’s phishing, smishing, or business email compromise – cybercrime utilizes many avenues to deceive employees. However, the danger is often underestimated by many companies. Or, to put it differently: they assume IT will take care of it.

But using secure passwords, activating MFA, and reporting dangerous email attachments concern everyone. With engaging online courses and regular phishing simulations, you can strengthen the security culture within your company.

10 minutes

took WeDoIT GmbH to set up.

15 trainings

on cybersecurity. Plus: numerous in-depth mini-exercises.

3 levels

from basics to expert knowledge. Let the learning journey begin.

15 minutes

lasts a training on average – perfect for in-between moments.


Making Security Awareness Exciting

You know how it goes: mandatory exercises are often quite dull. So, how do you get your colleagues on board with your cause? By offering entertaining security trainings that positively reinforce secure behaviors. Because when everyone is on the same page against cybercrime, we all pull together.

Send your team on a learning journey.

Many trainings all at once can quickly overwhelm. That’s why the WeDoIT academy relies on a didactic concept consisting of 3 levels. On their motivating journey, learners gradually unlock new courses and quickly progress from beginner to cybersecurity expert

Learning through play

Nobody enjoys lengthy PDFs with instructions. That’s why our trainings are different. They’re playful, character-based, and story-driven. This not only boosts motivation to continue but also ensures that the newly acquired knowledge is firmly retained in memory. Leading to lasting behavior change.

Practice for real-life scenarios

Show your colleagues how phishing emails look in actual work situations and help them respond correctly. And if a mistaken click does happen? No problem, with direct feedback, they learn what to watch out for.

There is no glory in prevention. Or is there?

For CISOs and security professionals, success is when nothing happens. However, nobody congratulates you for that. With the WeDoIT academy, awareness should not only increase but also become visible. In the reporting cockpit, you capture the most important metrics in vivid detail, demonstrating to stakeholders how your cyber defense is strengthening.

Compliant Reporting

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Compliant Reporting Meeting Compliance Requirements Our awareness training platform and reporting systems are ISO 27001 compliant and can serve as reference documents for certifying your company. Additionally, we support you with simulated phishing exercises and accompanying materials for your training sessions – as required for audits. By the way, the NIS-2 Directive, applicable across Europe, also mandates the training of employees in IT security.

Learning Content

Everything Your Team Needs to Know About Digital Security

Phishing & Data Theft
Mobile & Remote Work
Malware & Ransomware
Data Privacy
Working in the Cloud
Incident Reporting
Sensitive Information
Code of Conduct
Social Networks
Secure Passwords
Physical Security
Clean Desk

... and many more topics


Your 3 Options to Get Started with Awareness Trainings

Learning Platform + Trainings

Get the complete package of a learning platform including the trainings in a 3-level system. Quickly deployable, so you can start right away.

White Label

Employees learn in a familiar environment: We customize the platform and trainings to match the look & feel of your company.

Trainings als Stream

Already using an LMS? Simply stream our trainings through your existing system. Compatible with all major providers.

Security Awareness is a vital component of safety in businesses. Don't hesitate any longer!

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